Custom Songs by Emily

Give the gift of music by having Emily write a one-of-a kind personalized song to capture your unique story for you or a loved one! Emily writes songs for every milestone in a person's lifetime - weddings, graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, funerals, holidays, or 'just because.' Simply click the button below to fill out a short questionnaire and Emily will begin putting your story to song using her skills as a professional singer-songwriter. You will receive both a digital download and a lyric sheet with the purchase of each song. You can also select any additional upgrades to enhance your listening experience, including having Emily come and perform your original song live!  


We just listened to it together and are crying and have all the chills! We love it so much! Thank you is not enough to tell you how much this means to us! We love it and wouldn't change a thing! Thank you thank you!” - Taylor Lashley

Song Examples

Counting Down (Song for Taylor & Stephen Lashley)

Emily Myers

Taylor & Stephen Lashley won my Valentine's Day contest for a free acoustic custom song! Married earlier that year, we sat down to tell their eight year dating history. This song was written in first person using Taylor’s perspective and tells their love story chronologically, starting with Taylor writing letters to her future husband. It includes many details about how they met, dated, broke up, lived in different cities, got back together, and finally proposed with each chorus slightly changing to tell us where in the timeline the verse took place.

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