1. Olives

From the recording Olives

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Music by Emily Myers & Korie Burton
Produced by Wire Bird Productions & Slice


Spent my youth sitting in a Sunday school
Learned about forgiveness and the golden rule
If someone does you wrong, you turn the other cheek,
But I can’t hear another of your apologies
Been a couple years since I’ve made it back
Now I pray in a bar over a shot of Jack
Got my lipstick on, ruby red dress skin tight
Try to make myself forget you tonight


Skip the branch, pass the olives
Pour some gin, add the tonic
You’ve been playing dirty for too long
Burn the bridge, strike the matches
If the blaze dies, add some gas in
You should know I’m already gone
Skip the branch, pass the olives

Few drinks in, I feel my phone start to buzz
Your name in the screen light, my heart goes numb
One split second, I thought about picking up
But I don’t wanna hear you say you’re still in love
I used to believe in second chances
But that was under different circumstances
GivinG all that I can give, put up with all your sins
Turns out that you're leaving’ was a blessin’


Skip the branch, pass the olives
Pour some gin, add the tonic