1. Skyline

From the recording Skyline

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Check out Skyline, Emily's second single!



Verse 1
Neon lights outshine the stars
Tires squeal under company cars
Concrete giants fill the sky
Wondering where you are tonight

Verse 2
It’s 3 a.m. and I’m lying in bed
Thoughts of you running through my head
You had a ring, but I had a dream
I thought it’d be easy
Easy to leave

I’ve been hearing your name on the Subway
Seeing your car on the corner of Broadway
And always looking for a reason why
(Last ch: Finally found the reason why)

I am telling your jokes to the taxi
Smelling your cologne all through the city
Reliving our love story through every couple passing by

You’re the only thing that I can’t find
In the skyline

Verse 3
Friends thought I should date again
So they set me up with an Irish man
A devilish smile, generous laugh
But all it did was take me
Take me back


So I quit my job
And hit the road
Heading south
Straight for home

I’ll use the drive
To clear my head
So when you open the door
All that’s left to be said